Saturday, 18 January 2014

C Adieu

"Goodbye goodbye
The design we broke the mold"
(Serj Tankian, Gate 21)

Sada. Tegin ära.
Kasvasin välja, kuigi mul oli nii mitu teemat siin. Kummardus ja head aega. Edasi jagan pilte Flickris.

Mmh yees this is it. The last post.
Thanks and adieu. I'll make my gallery in Flickr and write deep stuff in a hidden place.

IC traces

Before the invasion of the arctic air began.
Taken with Nokia N9.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

XCVIII Clothes

Holidays are over again, but I'm pretty pleased.
I had time to be creative on sewing machine and made some clothes.
Here's coupla things I managed to take a photo of.
I made a skirt out of s tunica I had not used in ages. It's actually green and white striped aand umm. Dunno, I like it.
Btw that top is from Monki. I fell in love so deeply with it that I bought it. And that happens maybe twice a year.
Here's basic sweater shorts. I obviously don't handle making patterns so that they're very loose and the drawstring doesn't help much. But I'll use them anyway. I definitely will.

Kinda sad that it'll soon be over. You know that feeling when something really big is done and you don't know how to be? I had forgot what it feels like.